Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Top Five Apps

Hey guys!

Assuming a lot of you have phones or a product of the sort, you've used apps before. Whether it be to update people with a quick snap or to find some cool music to jam to, many spend a lot of time on different apps. Today I thought I'd list my all-time favorites.

5. Netflix

Need I even say more? I spent all of Christmas break just watching random movies suggested to me. You can catch up on all your favorite shows and find great new ones. My favorite thing about it is that it always picks up where you last left off, so it could be days before I come back and I know exactly where I was. It's great for lazy days and just chilling. Some shows and movies I'd suggest watching are Gossip Girl, Bruce Almighty, and my all-time favorite, The Walking Dead.

4. Tumblr

This is basically a very simple version of a blogging website, but it's still so much fun. It's so easy to follow people and reblog different posts. I go on quite often to reblog things, and it literally takes a second to do it. I also love how you can personalize your page and do cool things with it, like change the background, layout, and even the mouse pointer! You can do so many awesome things, and it's so unique.

3. Spotify

I've basically given up the iTunes store for this app. I use Spotify on a daily basis It has every artist, album, and song under the sun. You can make your own playlists, share with others, and discover new music easily. The best part is that it barely plays ads, which is great for an impatient person like me. I highly recommend this app.

2. Instagram

Definitely my favorite app for photo sharing. I love how you can quickly snap a picture-without the fancy cameras and technology-and share it for quick updates. It's cool to get on and see what my friends and family are doing in an amazing photo. You know what they say: a pictures worth a thousand words.

1. YouTube

This is my favorite app for so many reasons. The fact that you can talk to a camera and post it for the world to see amazes me. I've seen so many wonderful, funny, and just plain smile-worthy videos on YouTube. I've also found great channels, some of my favorites being Zoella, Tyler Oakley, Connor Franta, and so many others. They constantly put out great, original content. You can also tell everyone supports each other, and I think that's awesome.

I hope some of these apps will be as useful for you as they have for me! Have an amazing weekend!

Sincerely, AmeriChick


  1. I love apps, especially my photo editing ones! A blessing for blogging!

    Meme xx (Hope to see you around on my blog <3)

    1. Have you tried VSCO Cam? Definitely my favorite. You can play around with exposure, contrast, saturation, and more. I use it every time I post a photo on Instagram!

  2. Agree with all your top 5! They are all simply the best xoxox Check out my new blog post! I'm in need of some followers, thank you! X

  3. OMG I LOVE Tyler, Zoe and Connor, great taste ^_-. I am literally addicted to Tumblr and Instagram too. I haven't tried spotify or Netflix as of yet, but they sound cool xx

    1. Thank you! I would've listed a lot more YouTubers, but then this post would've been ages long! And I totally agree with you on Tumblr. I could literally spend hours on it!

  4. i use all of these except spotify, i'm addicted to netflix!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle // bloglovin

    1. My sister actually got me into Netflix, and I haven't stopped watching it since! I absolutely love it!

  5. I love Netflix, I cant stop watching it!
    I loved Gossip Girl and at the moment I'm watching Pretty Little Liars, it's so good!